Pros and Cons of Travel Agents

Travel has changed a lot today and, travel agents are one of the reasons behind that change. Instead of struggling to find the best travel destinations, plan trips and book flights on your own, you can now simply just call a travel agent and have them do all that. However, there could also be some shortcomings attached to using travel agents. The following are the main pros and cons of travel agents. 

Knowledge and Insights into the Industry 

Pro: Travel agents act as middle-men in the travel industry, which gives them access to up to date information regarding the best travel deals, times to travel, and some of the hard-to-find travel packages. Besides, they have a vast network of contacts that can provide them with news, which the public may not have access to. As such, they can make your work much easier when planning trips. 

Con: Today, travel companies have websites and online resources where they post all the information for their customers to access. As a result, you can still find the best travel options and deals with proper research. 

Service Fee 

Pro: using a travel agent does not necessarily mean that you will pay more since most of them get commissions for referrals or bookings from travel companies. That means you get more than you bargain for whenever you use a travel agency. 

Con: Despite the commissions, you may sometimes have to pay more whenever you use a travel agency to book your trips. On some occasions, the travel agent will ask you to pay a commission fee for booking flights and accommodations on your behalf. 

Considering the above pros and cons of using a travel agent, you might still be having questions regarding the need for travel agencies. Overall, you need a travel agent to ensure safe, affordable, and stress-free trips.…